Celebrating The Life Of A Mentor & Visionary: Dr. David Simon








Celebrating the life and legacy of a brilliant man, a gentle soul and a mentor.

I worked with David while I was out at the Chopra Center following my aggressive (and successful treatments) while undergoing their unique Panchakarma detox program. A thought leader in mind-body medicine, a guru in the emotional link to healing what is then manifested in the body, a Sufi Master and a neurologist himself, I sought his help with great reverence. So when the man, the doctor of the stars and a legend in many circles, casually kicked his feet up onto the desk in his humble office and said, “Wow, so you’ve really been ‘through it’, huh?!” I couldn’t help but laugh. And we shared that laugh and what I was to later learn, his wonderful sense of humor.

Only a  year or so later, my heart skipped a beat when I heard the news that David himself was called to walk a similar path as he, the neurologist and author of “Return To Wholeness“, an integrative guide book for people facing cancer, diagnosed himself with a brain tumor.

With his passing, the world has lost a bright beacon of light and truly enlightened being, but the heavens gained a beautiful soul who will, no doubt, continue his journey of expanding love and healing. I pray for the mending of his family and friends’ hearts, including his “brother” & dear friend, Dr. Deepak Chopra.  I am forever grateful to them both for creating a place of deep healing where I, and countless others, rediscovered a lost piece of ourselves and become more whole thanks to their great work.

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