Alaska & Vancouver—August 2011

This trip originated as a celebratory trip in honor of my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary. A huge accomplishment, Neil and I wanted to do something special for them and presented them with a choice of either a big party with family, friends and church buddies or a trip somewhere with us. And, I have to say, that although I was fully prepared to plan such a party (even though we only had eight people—including us—at our own wedding), we were both more than a little relieved and pretty darn excited when they said they’d rather prefer to spend their celebration with us in a fun local! And when they said they wanted to go to Alaska, well, we got down right giddy. Not only did we get to give them what they truly wanted, we got to go along and enjoy it too! So here are some pics from their big celebratory trip that also morphed into including a celebration of Neil’s 40th birthday and our 8th anniversary! Blessings abound and there was much to celebrate. Their smiles alone were worth it alone.

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