Spain—Barcelona, Seville & Madrid—February 2010

One of my very good friend works in travel and shortly after celebrating my one year anniversary of my last stem cell transplant and being cleared by my doctors to fly again she called me with an offer, an invitation. “I’ll be in Spain for a food and wine conference. Do you want to meet me over there when I’m done? I’ve gotta check out a few other properties while I’m over there and all the hotels will be covered. All you have to do is get over here.” …..”Ummmm, yes, yes I can do that!” We met up in Barcelona (I actually wore my mask on the flight. Talk about looking “cool”…YIKES!) where we spent a few days bumbling around before moving on to Seville on the coast and then over to Madrid. What a treat!! Beautiful people and culture, but I’m still having a hard time wrapping my brain around espressos at 6p and dinner at 10 or 11p. When do they sleep??

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