The Holy Land to Sin City, Stilettos to Tevas, in 3 Days

OK, OK, let me explain…Well blessings abound and the day after an agent meetin’ literary conference, I was boarding a plane to Israel solo to meet up with a group from the Atlanta Christian College (now Point University) having been invited to join them after I gave a talk about my story a few months prior. And then three days after returning from an eye opening, life changing, camel riding, shawarma eating time in Israel, I was off to Vegas, of all places, to celebrate a friend finishing his Plastic Surgery training. I have to assume there are very few people who’ve gone from the Holy Land to Sin City in three days. Anyway, after exchanging my Jesus sandals for stilettos, I then exchanged them once again for Tevas as my husband and I set off on a rafting trip down the Colorado River after a quick stop at Hoover Dam and a night at the Grand Canyon. Unbeknownst to us until we arrived in Utah to start our rafting adventure the waters had recently risen to be the highest whitewater rapids in North America due to an extreme snow melt. When our seasoned guides admitted that they’d never been on water like this before, I saw Neil’s eyebrows go up just before he turned and asked me, “Did you know about this??” “Ummmm, no, I did not know about this when I booked it last December…” Well, good thing not much scares me anymore. After facing a less than one percent chance of survival, the un-rateable rapids seemed like a cake walk. Well, we made it through in one piece and had a blast. Neil even saved a couple of people from some boats that flipped over going the “dicey” parts! But after three nights of camping and bruising our teeth with river water, it was time to head back for a shower and spend our last few days in Moab hiking through Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. Oh, and I even got to surprise Neil with a birthday cake cooked in a dutch oven on the last night of our camping trip for his upcoming 40th birthday! I was really relieved when he blew the blaze of candles out that we hadn’t started a forest fire… :)

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