The Maldives & NYC—May 2010

So Greece, and Santorini specifically, was “THE trip”, right? Well, just two weeks before we were suppose to leave for our long awaited celebratory trip, the riots broke out in Athens…exactly where we were scheduled to land. Now I didn’t work my butt off to beat a less than 1% chance of survival for nothin’ so, call me crazy, but I wasn’t about to insert myself into the middle of where random people were actively being killed. So we went to Plan B, actually there was no “Plan B” but there was trip insurance. So we canceled the trip with the intention of waiting for things to cool down there and reschedule the trip for later. Well, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I was hugely disappointed. It made sense and all but I’d been through so much at that point. All of the intensive treatments, almost a year long period of required “house arrest” while my immune system rebooted, surviving seemly impossible odds while facing death squarely in the face…and the whole time with this trip out there as a carrot, as a reward, as a marker that it was finally, finally over. And then it was gone. Well, a friend of a friend caught wind of this, phone calls were made in the background and a once in a life time offer was presented to go to the Maldives, on the other side of the planet, for two weeks. “What do you think?” my husband asked. “Ummm, these kind of things don’t come around twice is what I think. Let’s DO IT!” with tears of gratitude glistening in my eyes. Once again, an almost stranger had blessed us on our journey with amazing kindness and generosity. So, off we went! Truly one of the most beautiful places on earth and we are forever grateful. Highly recommend going but know that it takes about 36hrs to get there…but it’s well worth it. Oh, and we didn’t complain when we were diverted through NYC on the way back for day. Love that city!!

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