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The Results Are IN!

That’s right, ALL GOOD! Say it with me now, “YIPPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!” Told ya there would be a disco point straight up into the air in praise to the One and in gratitude for all of YOU! How about we go show everyone else how to disco trot through their challenges, too?? ;) Blessings to all and […]

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“Disco Time…Oops, I mean SCAN TIME!”

Hard to believe but it’s that time again…Scan Time!! Yep, time for my FOUR-YEAR check to show them how wonderfully healthy and cured I am! : ) And I do like to do a little disco dance as I go in and out on the day of 1. in celebration of how far we’ve come […]

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Happy Leap Year: An Excuse To Take A Leap In Life!

Happy Leap Year Everyone! I’m using today as a unique reminder that miracles happen and dreams come true only when we take the leap out into the unknown on faith and faith alone. Actually, that’s the very definition of faith! I learned this in a very real way when I was shoved off the cliff of […]

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Celebrating a life…

I just found out that a young woman who was diagnosed with the same rare type of cancer I had—Large Cell Cervical Neuroendocrine Cancer—died today…one day before her 34th birthday. Her’s was caught much earlier than mine yet her doctors didn’t know about the cutting-edge treatment I had and by the time I found her, […]

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Gratitude In The Grocery Store

  OK , so this is kind of neat. I was with my mom (visiting from DC for the Thanksgiving holiday) and we were window shopping and running a few quick errands. We stopped by Publix for a few needed items before heading back to meet up with everyone else.  While we were waiting to […]

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“Firecracker, firecracker, boom, boom, boom…”

Happy Birthday America! And for all of you who knew my little sis Lauren, sending happy birthday wishes to her too. Lauren would have turned 33 yesterday. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!By the way, I just couldn’t resist with the title… My sisters and I use to do this cheer as kids—along with singing “Eye of the Tiger” […]

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The new website is officially UP! Plus our recent “African” Safari, Alyssa takes the stage and much, much more!

Hi everyone! I have some very exciting news to share! Drum roll please………..The new website is officially up!!! (Hallelujah!) It was a bit of a “labor of love” but it is up and running and ready for you to check it out! Just like building any new “home”, it took far longer than expected but […]

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The “Happy Couple” :)

  Hey there!  I thought you guys might get a kick out of  these photos.  Neil and I were asked to lend our “mugs” by photographer Marie Thomas last Saturday for a print ad she wanted for the wedding division of her photography business.  Marie also did the photographs for my new website (…coming soon, […]

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A Tribute to Lauren

Today marks the anniversary of the day our sweet Lauren died.  It’s been fourteen years and yet I feel her presence even as I write these words.  A few months ago I was at a writing workshop in Marietta, GA and I found myself in  a conversation with another attendee.  Within a minute or two […]

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“Shake it!” The power of having your own personal “Theme Song” and other useful tricks

Howdy!  I wanted to circle back with everyone and pick up where I left off in the last posting.  I had planned on doing this sooner but was, once again, reminded that it’s not all up to me!  A startling epiphany, I know.  Shortly after I did the New Year posting, we got busy transferring […]

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