After Alyssa was officially healed, she promptly left for a “bucket list” trot around the globe. She’s been blessed to go to some pretty amazing places but, even better, she’s been able to do some pretty cool things while she was there. And it seems once she got started she couldn’t stop…Alyssa LOVES to travel! Here are some of her favorites:

Ravello, Italy

Reading in Ravello

A magical little town perched high up on Southern Italy’s famed Amalfi Coast (close to Sorrento, Capri and Pompeii). Let’s face it, anywhere in Italy is amazing (love Florence too!) but this gem is one of my all-time favorites. A must see for sure!

White Oak Plantation

Yep, that’s me feeding a baby black rhino (super endangered!)…a cute little bugger! He was sucking on my fingers like a pacifier a few minutes before this picture was taken. And that’s me feeding a giraff too! This place is SO cool. It’s like going on a African safari (minus the two-day flight and the anti-malaria pills) and Jurassic Park all at the same time but you’re in Florida. One of the best kept secrets I’ve ever come across. Plus, they’ve saved over 25 extremely endangered species in their Conservation Center. Ever heard of a Gerenuk, a Okapi or a Double-Wattled Cassowary bird? Yeah, me neither! But they are all there and more. It really is a sight to see and the wild cheetah run is a special treat. One of their “girls” got up to 42 mph the day we were there and the staff said she was having an “off day”… Check it out!

Costa Rica

Overlooking the lush Costa Rican jungle

Repelling down a waterfall…so fun!

Costa Rica is a delight of the senses—lush jungle vistas, bright blue skies and an adventure around every corner. It’s just a short flight and a whole lot of fun!

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