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Today’s Tip

“If you’re trying to get motivated about something or find yourself stuck trying to make an important decision, try fast forwarding in your mind to what it would be like if you DIDN”T do it.  For better or worse, often our greatest motivator and best filter to put things through is the threat of what “could” happen if we don’t.

What if I don’t stop smoking?  What if I don’t get out of this unhealthy relationship?  What if I don’t start taking better care of myself? What if I don’t put this money away? What if I don’t chase my dreams? 

It’s often hard to see the “big picture” in the moment, but if you “telescope out” to a hypothetical future moment when you did or didn’t make this decision or get started, then you can gain the objectivity required to script that future moment any way you choose right now!”

Today’s Richer Life Contributor
Alyssa Phillips
Author, Speaker, and Cancer Survivor
Thanks Robert!!

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