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Here’s the link to a new feature I was asked to write about my story for EmbodiWorks.  EmbodiWorks is an amazing, amazing non-profit organization and their site is chalk-full of fabulous, invaluable information & resources.  I’m so proud to have my story included along with their other tools to help support others who find themselves on the bumpy, scary and often confusing road after receiving a cancer diagnosis.  Their philosophy of “integrative cancer care”, treating the WHOLE person and not just a body, is right in line with what I’m shoutin’ about and what I did!  But it’s up to patients to figure out the many “other” parts that encompass this vital “integrative” piece of the puzzle, and that can be HUGELY overwhelming while you’re also trying to fight for your life too!  I know it was for me and I speak about that point in detail and what I did about that, among several other “difference makers” I used to help turn my less than one percent chance of survival into a beautiful new beginning.  This piece is really the first thing I’ve written that really encapsulates my journey from my perspective and it is essentially a synopsis of what my book is about and the “voice” of it.  So I hope you’ll take a second to read it and to check out this truly fantastic website.  EmbodiWorks is definitely on the fast-track to becoming the “WebMD of Cancer Care”!  Way to go guys!  I’m cheering you all the way as we both help others with the tools, resources and inspiration to thrive and not just survive the challenges, and even the tragedies, of our lives—cancer or otherwise—in bold, new ways!  Enjoy!!

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