Photo Shoot for CURE Magazine and a Healthy & Yummy New Atlanta Restaurant!

Marie in action!

From CT scanner to photo shoot for CURE magazine in one week…evidence of God’s sense of humor??  I think so! Well, we just wrapped up the shoot a little bit ago and, thankfully, the sun, wind and other cosmic forces all seemed to be swayed in our favor because everything went off without a hitch.  I was once again blessed to work with my “dream team” of photographer Marie Thomas and makeup artist Alex Lucas who came to “play” at the house for the afternoon.  When the nice folks at CURE contacted me about doing some photos for the article, they happened to mention that they’d get back in touch with me once they found a photographer in my area.  Well I couldn’t help myself and I just happen to mention that I knew the perfect person for the job! Marie

Alex workin' his magic! :)

took all of the photos for the website (and our recent “wedding” photos), Alex made it look like I hadn’t just rolled out of bed and showed up (because I did) and, together, made me look like I knew what the heck I was doing (which I did NOT!).  All around magicians my friends.  So if you happen to be in need of a fabulous photographer and/or makeup artist…I happen to know just the person! :) Anyway, I basically got to do the shoot with two of my new friends!   Love it when things work out like that, don’t you?

In other exciting news…  If you’ve been with us from the beginning of this journey, you might remember Leif Johnson with Bite catering?  You may have even ordered a meal for us through him when I was going through treatment. (If you did, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You’ll never know how much that meant.) Leif was on the “inner circle” throughout my journey and was at the house several times a week and then weekly during all of my treatments and beyond.  Even during my almost year long confinement on mandatory “house arrest” while my immune system rebooted, Leif saw me when even my closest friends were not allowed to visit.  As I told him one day many months ago, I considered him as much a part of my medical team as my doctors were as far as I was concerned.  And while the surgery, chemo and bone marrow transplants certainly played a big part, with my undergraduate degree in nutrition and all my years of running, I well understood what I was putting into my mouth was just as important to my healing and overall success.  Food IS medicine folks! (To check out some of my favs, click here.) Anyway, Leif has become like part of our family over the last three years and has a very special place on our hearts for all he did to help us.  At a time when I was not allowed to eat anything raw, had extremely specific nutritional guidelines to follow per the nutritionist I worked with, my own research and changing needs and taste buds, Leif was meticulous, creative and game for a challenge.  Amazing.

So  I am very, very proud to announce that Leif is opening his very own restaurant in Alpharetta, GA TOMORROW called, of course, BITE. The link to his Facebook page is a favorite on my Fan Page and has all his info on it.  You can also click here for directions. Neil and I have been eating his food for the last three years and we LOVE his “locally inspired, organic, healthy, flavor-packed” approach.  I’ve been to the new space and it is awesome! They even take your order on iPods so business lunch goers can get in and out fast if need be…pretty hip!  If you live in the area, you seriously do not want to miss out on trying this!

So enough of plugging my friends, right?? :) I can’t help it, when I find something I love, I love sharing it and telling all my friends!

Love you guys!

(Oh, and the photos and article for the CURE will be out in the Fall edition, so I’ll keep you posted on when it hits the shelves! The article is on my use of nutraceuticles (aka vitamins taken at therapeutic doses) during my treatments (still take ’em!).  I’m super excited to be able to help raise awareness on this critical component.)


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