Set your DVRs…I’m going to be on TV tomorrow morning!

I have some very exciting news to share!  I was asked to do an interview for a segment on a local show called Atlanta & Company ( this week.  The segment is called Get CONN-ected with Conn Jackson.  My friend Christine Pullara-Newton, the host of Atl&Co, wanted to help support our message of hope and inspiration and the National Marrow Donor Program’s “BE THE ONE” run this weekend.  I was thrilled to have the opportunity to help while also sharing my story in the hopes that it would help other people view the challenges of their own lives in new ways, daring to believe that, no matter what it looks like, something beautiful is happening and that we all have a choice as to how we see things…and it’s that choice that changes everything.

The show will air TOMORROW morning, Thursday October 28th, on Channel 806 between 11a-12p…so set your DVRs, iPhone alarms and Outlook Calendars!!  :)  Again, the segment of the show is called Get CONN-ected and usually airs around 11:30ish.  For those of you who miss it or live out of town, I’ll be emailing out the clip of it after it airs.

The interview really was a lot of fun.  I’ve never had a problem talking and apparently really like the microphone!  Conn was fabulous and I felt like I was just talking with a good friend.  I’m so grateful to him for “showing me the ropes” and for giving me a chance to tell my story.  I also got to mention all of you too and, most importantly, say THANK YOU!

This all came up very quickly and I jumped at the wonderful opportunity.  I’m also working on moving us over to our own website as we speak to make it easier to navigate and more accessible to others who want to join along!  I’ll still be able to do the postings while also keeping everyone updated on the progress of my book, post chapter excerpts, photos, speaking engagements, and other wonderful opportunities that come up, such as this, as we go.  The web address is and, as I mentioned, is in progress as we speak.  I swear, God really does have a good sense of humor!  I’d just started working with a woman to convert all the postings over to a more personal and practical website when this call came…too funny.  So just like that, it was off to the races…talking points, check…interview, check, website…..AHHHHHHHHH!  God bless my web designer, she cleared her schedule and will have the “site” up tomorrow morning before the show airs.  Keep in mind, it won’t be the finished product but it’s something and it’ll be fun to see a more polished version in a few weeks.  Remember when I said I felt like I needed to hang a “Pardon My Progress” sign around my neck when I was first diagnosed because I was such a wreck??  Well, don’t be surprised if you see an actual “Under Construction” one on the site for a bit!  Ha, nothing like plugging a website on TV you don’t have yet!  But hey, if I’ve learned anything through this, and I’ve learned a lot, it’s to take the leap when you have the chance and trust the rest will come.  I like the way Ray Bradbury said it, “First you jump off the cliff and you build wings on the way down.”  I found this out by being pushed off the proverbial cliff but hey, at least I learned it!  I’ve been hurling myself off ever since. :)

You guys have been such an amazing part of this journey and were there with me from the very start.  I’m so excited about this next step for us and it feels like the flip side of the same coin that was tossed up when I was diagnosed.  I’ll tell ya, it’s a blessing and a miracle to be on the other side of it now and I’m anxious to see where it takes us.  I hope you know that I consider each one of you part of my continued journey and that your prayers, love and continued support mean more to me than you’ll ever know.  The journey continues…

With love and gratitude,


**Remember, it’s not too late to donate or sign up for the “BE THE ONE” run this Saturday morning!  You can go to for the direct link or to register.  We’d love to see you there and join in the fun with “Team Alyssa” 8am at Atlantic Station…I’ll be the one in the teal T-shirt that says “I Believe in Miracles” :)

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