The new website is officially UP! Plus our recent “African” Safari, Alyssa takes the stage and much, much more!

Who knew that having fur over your eyes could make such a difference?!

Yikes! Note to self: No hair, no eyebrows, no NOT a good look!

Hi everyone! I have some very exciting news to share! Drum roll please………..The new website is officially up!!! (Hallelujah!) It was a bit of a “labor of love” but it is up and running and ready for you to check it out! Just like building any new “home”, it took far longer than expected but that was no fault of my lovely, extremely accommodating and oh so talented web designer, Shelly Miller, at MindWhirl. She wins the prize on patience as I clarified my vision and helped bring it to life on the “big screen”! Her husband Michael helped too and is responsible for the super smooth rotation on the Home page pictures. I am most grateful to them both. You couldn’t meet finer people.

Also on the team was Jami Howard who handled the customization of my Facebook Fan Page. She did a rockin’ job and is a spunky and super talented gal. Thanks Jami! And then there was my photographer, Marie Thomas, who did many of the photos on the website—amazing what a shower and a little make up can do, right?! :)— (she also took the recent “wedding” photos of Neil and me) and has become a dear friend along the way. Marie, there aren’t enough words of gratitude to you my friend for your graciousness. So, as you can see, I was blessed to work with a “dream team” on this project and I am beyond grateful for being led to each of them and for the gift of each of their talents. And if anyone is in need of a new website, a snazzy looking Fan Page or some professional photos, look no further!

I think she liked us, don't you?

Gosh, so much exciting stuff to tell you… I have been a busy, busy girl these last few months! But other than finishing up the website, Fan Page and YouTube channel (I would have never imagined in a million years I’d be coding HTML into pages on any website, let alone my website, or customizing my own YouTube channel! Let alone that I’d like it! Challenging, but lots of fun too. I love learning new stuff and I learned quite a lot…humbling!), a talk I was asked to give at the Atlanta Christian College (a clip of it is on the Media page of the website ), a stateside “African” Safari (more on this later but you can click here to look at a couple of photos in the meantime—SUPER cool and practically in our backyard!), getting the first chapter of my book polished up and shipped off to a literary agent in New York for a meeting in a few weeks, driving a 17 ft U-Haul 12 hours up to Virginia with my Mom and her two cats this Monday to move the rest of her things—a true road trip “adventure”, a radio interview I taped Thursday after I flew back (I’ll send a clip of it out after it airs) and a few other things in between, I haven’t been up to all that much! :)

Oh, and did I mention I leave for Israel in a couple of weeks, the day after I meet with the literary agent? I know, cool, right?! Actually the trip came about from the talk I did at the Atlanta Christian College that I mentioned above when the couple leading the trip asked if I would like to join them. It took me all of about a nano second to say, “Ummmm…Yes, I think I would!” The rest of the group is actually leaving a of couple days before I do, but my meeting with the agent is that weekend so I decided to fly over solo and meet them there. I was NOT going to miss this meeting…this book IS going to get published! :) People think I’m cray when I tell them I’m flying to the other side of the world by myself but I quite enjoy the longer flights and the 12 hour flight to Tel Aviv will be no different! Such an amazing opportunity and I feel so blessed to have been invited along. We’re going to float in the Dead Sea, see the caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found and the documents themselves and even go to the Garden of Gethsemane mentioned in the Bible—yes, it’s an actual place you can visit! So cool! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I truly am the luckiest girl alive!

Many of you have been there with me from the very start of this crazy, bumpy, scary, wonderful, miraculous ride and others have only recently joined the party but to each of you I want to say THANK YOU. By generously lending your support, prayers, encouragement (and sometimes all three at once!) or those who have “liked” me on my Facebook Fan Page already or signed up to receive my updates, you have each become a part of this story and it has and does mean more than you could ever know. I am forever changed, not only by the path that I have walked, but by the grace and goodness you have all shown me by sharing the journey with me. Please know that this website was made with all of you in mind to create a new “home” where the light that helped brighten my path can now be shared to help light the paths of others. After all, isn’t that what life is all about? This has always been bigger than me and I feel so blessed to be in a position now where I can give back to others. This site is about showing people that there is life after seeming tragedy, that what looks like an end can become a beautiful new beginning and that miracles can and do happen—along with a little sassiness…I just couldn’t help myself! :) So what do you say, let’s go change some lives, shall we??

So without further adieu…Welcome to our new home! Click on in and make yourself comfortable! (It looks WAYYYY different!) I got a little hyperlink happy in this post but I wanted to make it easy and give you options…I like when things are easy myself! So let me know what you think about the site…I love hearing from you! Oh, and I’d really love it if you’d “Like” me on my Facebook Fan Page! It helps me a lot with the book thing (gotta impress the “powers that be” in the publishing world :)), plus I just like keeping in touch with all of you! I hope you like everything…Enjoy!

Oh, and Happy almost Mother’s Day to all you awesome moms out there…YOU ROCK!

With love and gratitude and praise…

Something beautiful IS happening™,


PS. In the next few weeks I’ll be transferring over all the original photos from the Lots of Helping Hands site, the web albums from our various trips and a bunch of new pics into spiffy, organized albums on the Photos page. But for now check out the really great “picture story” of my journey that Shelly did. I’ll also be putting an excerpt from my book up on the (surprise, surprise) Book page. Also, all the original blogs can be now be found on the “Alyssa’s Cancer Journey” tab found under the Categories section in the right-hand column or bottom of each page (I’ve added LOTS of photos to them—some you’ve seen and some you haven’t! And be sure to check out the subpages under Favs & Fun…lots of good stuff and I’ll be adding to it as we go! Have fun!

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