Happy New Year: Top 12 High-Potency Antioxidant Foods That Are Good For Your Health & Your Waistline Too!

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Second of all, do you know about the ORAC scale?? “Huh?” OK, then let me explain because this is a super important and an EASY way to help you chose the most optimal (and waist-friendly) options when shopping and eating. So here we go. The ORAC scale (Oxygen Radical Absorbent Capacity) broken down into english is basically the antioxidant potency of fruits and vegetables.  Antioxidants are good, right?  Right. So we need to eat more of them, right? Right. Great. Now that we’re all on the same page, you should know that the average American consumes only 1,800 ORAC units per day but that the healthy low end dose should be around 6,500 units.  Needless to say, based on those numbers, most of us are “not quite there” in this department. But the good news is there are some SUPER EASY ways to up that number when you know which foods have the highest values.  And some of them are quite surprising! Take a look at the list below and try incorporating them into what you’re already doing. In no time you’ll be well on your way to your 6,500+ ORAC units a day goal, a happier bod and trimmer waistline!

Here are the Top 12 and their ORAC values:

1. Blueberries  1 cup = 3,240

2. Cinnamon, ground  1/4 tsp = 2,675

3. Pomegranate juice  4-6 ounces = 2,490

4. Figs  1/2 cup = 2,124

5. Oregano leaf, dried  1/4 tsp = 2,001

6. Prunes  4 pitted prunes = 1,848

7. Pomegranate  1/2 pomegranate = 1,654

8. Tumeric  1/4 tsp = 1,592

9. Raspberries  1 cup = 1,510

10. Blackberries  1/2 cup = 1,466

11. Brussels Sprouts  6 Sprouts = 1,236

12. Green Tea  1 tea bag, steeped = 1,200

See why I add a hefty “sprinkle” of cinnamon on my morning oatmeal every day?? By the stats, that’s more than 1,000 ORAC units more than the average person gets in a whole day! And the best part? I hardly notice other than the increased yumminess in my oats. :)

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