A Quick Update and Special Request

Hi everyone! I hope this finds you happy and well. It has been awhile since my last posting and many of you have been so sweet to check in and ask if everything is OK. Everything is just great and I had actually been working on a posting about 3 weeks ago to update everyone but I found that I ran out of time before I was able to complete it. I elected to take my re-certification exam for the National Boards during this time as I was required to be at home anyway. Why not knock it out, right? Physician Assistants are required to retake our Boards every 6 years and I was actually due to take it last year. I’d studied for several months and I was 2 weeks shy of sitting for the exam when I was diagnosed last May. Anyway, the “powers that be” were kind enough to give me a year extension due to my circumstances so now seemed as good a time as any. That said, the test has occupied most of my time lately and I was sorry not to get the posting out prior to starting it. So this will be a quick update and I will finish the posting I started previously with more details in a couple of weeks once my test is done.

Me with my Gyn/Onc Dr. Gerald Feuer

I have also begun all of my follow up appointments starting with my GYN/ONC yesterday. It was the first time I had seen him since I started the high dose stuff back in September and I am pleased to report that he was thrilled with how well I did. It was really cute because he couldn’t seem to get over how good/healthy I looked. I guess he thought I would look like I got hit by a Mack Truck or something because he kept saying it and really seemed genuinely surprised. Well, I’ll take it and it was music to my ears because, to me, that means that the outside is just reflecting the inside. I find that I actually have to remind myself that it has only been 3 months since my last transplant because I feel so good and seeing Dr. Feuer’s reaction makes me realize how short a time it has really been and how blessed I have been. While we were in the office Neil and I both commented on how much has changed for us since we were last there and the progress we have made. I can tell you, it is pretty nice to be on the other side of all that now!

The reason I am posting this update now is because this Monday I go in for my first re-staging and, among other things, I will have my first PET scan since last August. As you might remember, the PET scan looks for “active disease” aka cancer. We feel great about everything and are expecting only good news but would like to ask for your prayers on Monday just the same. We have been extremely grateful for all of your love and support along the way and for showing us the true power of prayer. My scan is from 10a-12p on Monday so if you don’t mind sending some good vibes and prayers my way, I would be most grateful.

Again, I will catch everyone up on the other details of what we have been up to along with the good results of my scans in the next posting. Get ready for some good laughs because we have been cracking up over my hair reemergence…humbling for sure! Oh, many of you have asked when I am officially off “House Arrest”. My 100 days post-transplant are up the second week of April and once I finish my test and all of my follow up appointments I will leave for a Girl’s Spa weekend followed by a trip down to the beach with Neil. Lots of making up to do! So early May I will be venturing out and I will look forward to seeing many of you soon.

Much love,


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