And the winner is…

…ME! (Yippie!!!)

Hi Everyone! It’s official…ALL GOOD! My scan was beautifully clean and wonderfully “unremarkable”. I know it’s what we all expected, but I just never get tired of hearing it. :)

You know my sister asked me, “Alyss, were you worried about this one??” And I told her “No, but it’s weird. I know with every fiber of my being, deep down in my bones, that I’m fine and that I’ll always be fine, but it’s like…like my soul remembers.” It was the best way I could describe what I was having a hard time putting my finger on and when I said it aloud, it seemed to perfectly capture what it felt like on the inside. We all go through things, tough experiences or challenging seasons in our lives that alter us and our path. And we move on. But our souls remember.

Thank you all for your prayers, good vibes, happy thoughts, texts, messages and emails. They mean more than I could ever capture in words, but I hope you will each know my deep gratitude to and for you.

I truly am the luckiest girl in the world. And I thank God for all of it.


Me in my radiology friendly, metal-free clothing about to look "under the hood" & get my "glow on" this morning


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