New “Do”

Hi everyone! I hope all of you enjoyed a wonderful Father’s Day this weekend and are having a good start to the week. I posted some new photos of our families and my fancy new haircut. It is by far the cheapest haircut I have ever gotten as Neil and I took matters into our own hands last Thursday night. We had some big laughs getting rid of the tail (pardon the pun) end of my hair. It had really starting to look scrappy and I had had enough of hair balls in random places and strands of hair everywhere! So we took turns chopping off chunks of hair to see what it would look like at different lengths and because it’s not everyday you get to whack off chunks of hair on someone…kind of fun! Then Neil took a #2 guard and went to town shaving. I could not stop laughing or singing Sinead O’Conner. Neil kept telling me not to look because he was afraid I would get upset if I saw it before it was all off, so I just kept singing with my eyes closed. When I looked up I said…”I love it!”. Man, I have been missing out all this time…it feels sooo good!! I am telling you, long hair is way overrated. My Mom is obsessed with my bald head. Apparently I have a good shape to my head…thank God, because you don’t know until you shave it off…and Mom can’t get enough of it! I think she might actually be sad when it grows back in :). Everyone is really curious to see what it looks like, which is cute, so I posted a photo my Mom took last night of …yes, of my shaved head. We use to have what my sisters and I called the “Wall of Shame” in our upstairs hallway of photos of us growing up and this is kind of like a updated version of one of those…only this time it’s sort of reversed…instead of the big hair, it’s lack there of! :)

"My Girls" from the OR where I worked right before my port placement

So enough about my hair…surgery went well today and I got to enjoy the benefits of working for a Plastic Surgeon by having the port put in on the side of my chest under my arm vs a big incision across with upper chest with a device under it. This way it is hidden easily under clothes and won’t be a conversation starter for everyone I meet…”What’s that?!” Plus, I would have had to make my boobs bigger to distract from the big scar, so it was a win/win :). I start my second round of the happy juice in the morning and I am looking forward to some hang out girl time with my best friend who is in town for the week.

Love to you all,


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