New Pictures, Wigs and an Update

Ok so I have to be honest…I’m really proud of myself. Not only did I figure out how to post photos on this website, but also how to scan, crop, transfer and import photos from various locations and devices. If you can’t tell, I’m not one of those “techy” people that this stuff comes easily to. I can hold my own most days, but was pretty impressed I managed to pull this off. Jokes aside, I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend and that you all spent it with loved ones doing something fun.

A look in the mirror while trying on wigs!

You’ll see in the photo section that I posted photos of the wigs, the first day of treatment, the beautiful flower arrangements sent to us and just some random stuff for those of you that haven’t seen us in awhile or know one of us better than the other, etc. They unfortunately are not in any real order. My obsessive complusive side is annoyed I couldn’t get them organized, but I am learning to let some of that stuff go though this whole process.

I continue to feel really great and the overall reaction when people see me is “you don’t look sick?!”. To which I respond “well good, because I don’t feel sick.” (Plus it helps that all my hair follicles are still attached) But the true irony of all of this is I felt the complete opposite of sick in the weeks and months before my diagnosis. I ran a 1/2 marathon at the end of March and ended up running a personal best for any 13.1 mile race I have run in the 15 years I have been running. That was just 6 weeks before I got the call from my GYN…crazy. But I do have to say that cancer is a really effective weight loss program, although as a medical professional, I don’t recommend it. But hey, it does have it’s benefits! Now they are trying to “beef me up” for chemo…yikes! Oh, where does the good news end?! :)

I continue to have an overall sense of peace about all of this and a very, very large part of that I know comes from all the prayers and positive thoughs and wishes you guys are sending us. I also have seen very clearly through this website, the emails, cards, phone calls, texts, visits, dinners, etc that this is something far greater than me or Neil or our family. People that would have never met are working together and calling each other to organize dinners or visits. People who I haven’t spoken to in years and may never have reconnected with are back in my life. Some have expressed beautiful, heartfelt words both in verbal and nonverbal acts that I may never have known otherwise. And have solidified friendships that may otherwise have remained casual. Others may just realize for the first time that life can trun on a dime and that it’s OK. Don’t worry, I’m getting my lessons too! And please don’t be too jealous that I have a front row seat to this show :) I certainly don’t have it all figured out but so much beauty has come out of this and there is no anger on my part or any question of “why me?”…and that tells me everything.

Love to you all,


This is Walter, my new buddy a friend gave me and per his sign he thinks bald women are HOT...I knew I liked he right away! :)

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