Next Scan MONDAY, Update and Photos!

Happy Father’s Day weekend and a big hello from steamy Atlanta!  I have lots to catch you up on but the reason for this update is a more “time sensitive” one.  It’s hard to believe, but my next scan is Monday!  This one kind of snuck up on me (a good sign, I think) because of all the other great stuff that’s been going on and, although I’m ready, (I joked on my Facebook page that I always love a chance to show off to my doctors how healed I am!) I sure would appreciate your prayers, good vibes and just general well wishes come 9-ish Monday morning.  It’s just another CT scan this time to take a quick peek, so it should be pretty quick.  I’m pretty excited though because apparently they’ve gone gourmet as far as the liter of contrast I have to drink before hand and I get to look forward to sampling their their latest creation, “Mochaccino Smoothie”, Sunday night before I go to bed.  Ummmmm… No doubt, it will be “interesting”.  I must be an eternal optimist because I keep believing the nice girls who hand me this chalky concoction when they schedule my next scan and tell me “You should try this one, it’s really good.”  Only later do I realize that they’ve probably never had the occasion to actually try this “yummy” barium sulfate suspension they’re endorsing and are only referring to the enticing picture on the label.  I do have to say, they made this new one look especially good. We’ll see.

Meet Kojak the Camel. He was kind enough to take me on a trot around the overlook of Jerusalem.

I’ll give a quick summary of our recent highlights here and will look forward to filling you in on more after my scan and the subsequent visits to see the rest of my medical entourage that inevitably follow.  I’ve had the blessing and pleasure of doing quite a bit of traveling recently in addition to several exciting magazine interviews.  I mentioned in my last update that I was going to Israel after being invited by the Atlanta Christian College after giving a talk there in February.

Here we are both smiling for the camera...but I'm afraid poor Kojak was in need of a good camel dentist!

To say the trip was amazing would be a vast understatement. Regardless of your religious beliefs, Israel is a fascinating country with Jerusalem being a big highlight.  It was absolutely a marvel to see first-hand where three of the world’s major religions converge and the expansive history this country boasts.  People keep asking me about the safety over there and I have to say I felt extremely safe.  There are certainly areas that are not advisable to wander around in but there are areas of Atlanta, New York and LA that I would not wander around in either.  I traveled over by myself, rode two hours in a car with a complete stranger and could not have had a better experience.  The driver and I were exchanging hugs when we parted ways after

And here I am laughing as I get off because in reality that smile was not a smile at all! He was grunting and making all kinds of strange noises. I think he was glad when I got off!

discussing the commonalities of our very different faiths along the way.  Pretty cool.  That’s one of the things I love most about traveling, the reminder of the universal language of a smile and a open heart and that there are wonderful people wherever you go.

So a few days after I returned from a life changing trip to Israel, Neil and I boarded a plane to Las Vegas for a long ago planned trip to celebrate our good friend Dr. Joe Greco’s completion of his Plastic Surgery training.  We’re super proud of his hard-earned milestone but yes, I know there must be some unwritten rule about not going from the Holy Land to Sin City in three days time.  What can I say, when an

Viva Las Vegas! Snazzed up for a night out

opportunity to go to the Holy Land falls in your lap, you don’t say no you just go!  I do have to admit though, it was pretty hilarious to go from riding a camel, floating in the Dead Sea and exploring the Mt of Olives one day to the flashing lights, thumping music and glitzy dresses of Vegas the next.  Here’s to variety and just going with it!  We had a lot of fun and glowed with pride of our friend’s achievement.

Neil and I took the opportunity of this preplanned trip to the West Coast as an excuse to further mix things up and celebrate Neil’s upcoming 40th birthday by taking our

IT'S A STICK UP! Don't I look especially menacing with my "official" Cowgirl badge on?? :)

first road trip together and signing up to play “pioneers” by whitewater rafting and camping out along the Colorado River.  So the Holy Land to Sin City became Stilettos to Tevas.  Yikes!  But hey, why not, right?!  More on this later but, needless to say, we are blessed to have

All geared up and ready to tackle the Colorado...fancy! Was pretty happy for the helmet when I learned the rapids were the highest they've been in almost 20 yrs!

had so many amazing opportunities come our way.

And speaking of amazing opportunities…!  In the last few weeks I’ve also done some really exciting interviews that will appear in the Fall issues of CURE and MORE magazines.  I’m actually pretty blown away by my good fortune and the landslide of blessings God has brought our way.  Truly humbling.  It truly is amazing how things can turn around, isn’t it? :)  Actually there’s a ad out right now that says it best (can’t remember for what), “Life opens up when you do.”  I just love that.  Apparently I’m wide open because…WOW!

This is what it's all about for me...happiness & love.

And then there’s my scan on Monday that brings me back down to earth and reminds of of what it’s really all about, what’s truly important and the amazing blessing of support from all of you along our cancer journey and beyond!  Thank you in advance for your prayers and happy thoughts on Monday.  They mean more than you could ever know and have no doubt been a “difference maker” in my journey.

Looking forward to showing that scanner a thing or two on Monday!

Onward and upward…


*Also, I’ve posted some photos here but there are more on my Facebook Fan Page (praying at the Wailing Wall, floating in the Dead Sea, other shots of Utah and more) if you want to check them out.  Oh and feel free to “like” the page while you’re there too, if you haven’t already! (Subtle, huh?? :))


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