Courage: Letting go of the “seen” for the “unseen”

Words to live by, for sure! I learned this in a very literal sense as the ground beneath me fell away and I was cast out into the “deep end” of a vast, vast ocean when I was diagnosed and given such slim odds.  I quickly realized that I was being called to find a way across to a new shore in order to make it.  In doing so, I learned a HUGE lesson (and not just how to “paddle” really, really fast). The lesson is this and it’s a universal life lesson we are all called to, at one point or another, in a myriad of situations when life calls us to be more than we ever though we could be. We must dare to leave the known and reeeeach for our dreams that live first in the “unseen” in order to pull them into the “seen”.  That’s what faith is all about. And you know what? Because I know this now, and the call it really is, to bring us to something more as we step through our fear. I now make a habit of jumping in a lot more often and a lot sooner, too!  I’ve actually gotten quite comfortable in the “deep end” of life and that’s where the “magic” happens.  So I don’t know about you, but I’ve jumped in and started paddling…

See you on the other side…of your dreams.

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