All I want for Christmas is a…PERFECT SCAN!! :)

Hi everyone!! OK, time for my ONE YEAR post-transplant workup/PET Scan…So Exciting!!! I will go in on Monday (21st) morning for blood work and then I am scheduled for a 10:30a PET Scan. It really is very nice of them to arrange this for me right before Christmas so I can have a nice holiday “glow” to show off. Kind of like going to the tanning bed before you go to the beach. Anyway, I would really, really, really appreciate all of your prayers, good vibes, smiles…whatever you got…on Monday from 9 or 10a until about noon (sometimes they get a little behind…can never be too safe, although God knows what we mean). All of our hard work has paid off and together we’ve created a miracle! So, if you will, let’s give it another go!

I wasn’t kidding when I said that all I want for Christmas (or ever) is a Perfect Scan/ Perfect Health. Pretty much everything else pales in comparison to that and what that means for us. We are going to celebrate our great results with Marisa and her family on Christmas Eve “Italian style” with the traditional Seven Fish Dinner and church and then have a quiet get together at our house with my Dad on Christmas Day. Then, in our true post-scan form, we will hit the road and head down to the beach to continue the celebration and ring in the New Year. Our times down at the beach have been so healing and transformational for us and it only seemed fitting that we kick off 2010 in that context.

My mom will be driving in on Sunday from Alexandria, VA to take me to my scan Monday morning. As she said, “We’ve done all of these together, I couldn’t miss this one!” Amazing.

We have received many Christmas cards from all of you and it is so wonderful to see all of your kids growing up so fast! We thank you for sharing them with us and for your warm holiday wishes. I think you all have seen enough of our “mugs” from the website, so please accept this as our e-Christmas card as well. Think of it as a “green” version. :)

Neil and I wish you all a wonderful and magical holiday full of precious moments with your loved ones, safe travels, lots of carefree laughs and enough silliness and restful sighs of contentment to round it all out. May you be showered in Divine blessings now and all year long.

I look forward to sharing our great, wonderful, amazing results with you as soon as we get them!!

With so much love and gratitude,

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