Calling All Prayers: Next Scan MONDAY!!

Yep, hard to believe but it’s already time for my three year scan.  The end of December marks three years since my last bone marrow transplant and the end of my treatments (versus the 3 1/2 + year marker since my diagnosis. My  two oncologists (Gyn/Onc and bone marrow transplant docs) count my “remission status” from different benchmarks…makes it kind of confusing, I know).  And since everything gets super busy from now until the holidays, plus I always have a slew of follow-up appointments with my “team” of doctors that all have to be done by year end, I figured I’d go ahead and get the good news a few weeks early!

I had something else written here, something cute and clever (or at least I’d hoped it was) and then something happened yesterday that made it seem very unimportant. I shared this very “real” moment on my Facebook page yesterday as another miracle floated my way via an email. See below.

“So I’m basically in tears right now. Tears of humbleness and joy. I returned from being out all day, catching up on various errands from being out of town, to find an email from a doctor saying she has a patient with something similar to what I was diagnosed with, that they’ve run out of options and that she read my story in REAL SIMPLE last night and could I help? … I can’t tell you how much that fills me with pure joy. I had prayed that it would go to whoever needed it, so it is beyond thrilling to get an email like that and to give to another what I was so desperate for. There’s healing in that. There’s goodness in that. There’s God in that. My three-year scan is Monday and while I’ve been willing myself to hold strong to the unshakable faith that has brought me this far, knowing all is well and everything is just fine, this email was as much a gift to me as it will be to a woman I don’t even know. Amazing.”

As always, I’d be most grateful for your prayers, good vibes and/or happy thoughts Monday morning as I “get my glow on” and we continue to celebrate the miracle God has shown us. My scan is at 10:30 am and I look forward to sharing the good news!

Love you all,


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