Two Year Scan Monday Morning!

Just a friendly reminder and request for happy thoughts and prayers this Monday morning, December 6th.  As I mentioned before, this will mark my two year post-transplant work-up and the last step in my journey with the Bone Marrow Group.  I’ll graduate and I’m planning on doing so with honors! My blood work and scan will take place between 8-11 am.

I have a checklist that they gave me two years ago listing each scan/work-up and re-vaccination schedule.  All of my prior immunizations were wiped out with the high dose chemo treatments and I’ve been re-doing all my vaccinations like a toddler since the beginning of this year.  It’s a running joke with my girlfriends that I could save them a trip to their Pediatrician, as well as gas money, by rounding up all their kids and taking them with me.  Anyway, the list from the Bone Marrow Group hangs on our refrigerator and I’ve put a check mark beside each milestone as we’ve gone along.  I will be able to put the final check mark on it this month and I’ve anxiously anticipated this day for two years.  I can’t begin to tell you the satisfaction it will give me to mark this last one complete.

Thank you all so much for your support and prayers, they have meant more than you know and have no doubt been a “difference maker” in my journey.  I am living proof of the power of prayer and focused attention.  So, if you ever wonder if your prayers matter, if “the man upstairs” hears you or if your kind thoughts count, know that He does and they do.  I am living proof of it.  I believe prayer and kindness in any form are the most precious and powerful gifts you can give another.  Thank you for what your kindness has meant to me, Neil and our families.

I’ve attached a link below to something I posted this week about change and how we can choose to look at the difficult times of our lives differently, maybe even seeing them for the veiled lessons that they are.  I hope you’ll take a look.

I’ll look forward to sharing the good news from Monday’s scan as soon as we receive it!

With love and gratitude,


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