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Hermitude, A Year of Redefining, Debut on the Discovery Channel TOMORROW &…Man, I’ve MISSED YOU!

Seriously, I’ve really, really missed you!! And you know what? This has been a loooong time coming. I’ve scripted (and re-scripted) this email a thousand times in my head but somehow something would get in the way or the timing just didn’t seem right and suddenly almost a year had past. A YEAR, people. Can […]

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Two Year Scan Monday Morning!

Just a friendly reminder and request for happy thoughts and prayers this Monday morning, December 6th.  As I mentioned before, this will mark my two year post-transplant work-up and the last step in my journey with the Bone Marrow Group.  I’ll graduate and I’m planning on doing so with honors! My blood work and scan […]

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Christmas comes early for the Phillips’!

Yippie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only was my scan good…it was GREAT! There was ZERO uptake on the PET scan which means it is TOTALLY and COMPLETELY gone! Ahhhhhhh, God is so good…that’s all I know to say. The last few days, last night, today just felt different this time. It felt lighter. I had noticed that in […]

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Update on the scan!

OK, sorry for the delay. As you know I had my PET scan yesterday morning. We got some results late in the afternoon and everything looked pretty good but there was one area of question. The PET scan has two components to it; a CT part that shows the geography of the body (if there […]

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