Happy Birthday ummmm… to me!

Well, Saturday marks my 34th birthday and I thought I’d turn the page on another year by jotting down some high points of 33, while pausing to reflect with gratitude for their place in another chapter of this gift called life.  I hear many people bemoan their passing years but, I for one, celebrate them all, especially this one.  Did you know that 33 is a divine number?  It’s the year Jesus performed most of his miracles and it’s said that for each of us our 33rd year holds something extra special.  Well, it sure has for me and I plan on 34 being even better.  It’ll be fun trying to top it anyway!  So here we go;

33 things I did while I was 33

1.  Began my life again with the intention of simplifying everything…a work in progress

2.  Went kayaking in the Indian Ocean

3.  Launched my own website

4.  Learned a bunch of new stuff and met some really cool people

5.  Got my feet back on solid ground

6.  Chose to see the beauty in people and situations more times than not

7.  Went sailing in Santorini, Greece

8.  Got my first piece published in a real book!

9.  Made Delta Medallion status

10.  Appeared on a TV show

11.  Stretched myself by doing things that scared me

12.  Walked the streets of Barcelona, Madrid and Seville shopping in the rain

13.  Fell in love with Moroccan food

14.  Found my voice and rediscovered a passion in writing

15.  Set up an office outside on our deck on every sunny day I could

16.  Repelled down a waterfall

17.  Started writing a book

18.  Stood in line at Starbucks with a Sheik in Dubai

19.  Made sleep, nourishing my body and time in nature priorities

20.  Stargazed from the other side of the planet

21.  Had about 10 different hairstyles (no one ever knows what to expect!)

22.  Got my Mojo back, loved harder and lived bolder

23.  Turned another dream into reality

24.  Ate the best Baklava ever in Istanbul

25.  Woke up every morning smiling for just being here

26.  Was the first chick to finish in a 5K

27.  Zip-lined through the jungle of Costa Rica

28.  Fell in love again and again everyday with my amazing husband

29.  Lived outside my comfort zone for another whole year

30.  Woke up without an alarm clock more days than not

31.  Felt strong again on the inside

32.  Ran in Central Park

33.  Celebrated two years (actually we, will on Dec 6th when I have my next scan) since my last transplant and knowing it’s the second of many we’ll be counting with gratitude as the years go by.

Well, I think that’s a pretty darn good year and it’s a really neat exercise to review all the fun stuff you did to celebrate the blessings and forget about the other stuff.  This year has been a celebration of many things but most of all it’s been a celebration of life.  My goal was simply to LIVE, to truly be alive.  I feel alive again and that’s how I know I’m on the right track.  Sometimes when you go through a rough patch, it takes some time to get your feet back under you, get your Mojo back and start moving forward again.  That’s what this year has been for me.  It truly has been a divine year and I’m planning even better things for my 34th year.  I’ve got my sights set on a top NYC publisher, among other things…watch out!  :)

Oh, and about the bemoaning of the years…I now salivate at the thought of wrinkles, droopy boobs and white hair because it means I’ve lived a nice, long, full life.  I see them as the beautiful evidence of a life well-lived, hard-won trophies instead of punishment along our jagged, beautiful journey.  I know it doesn’t always feel that way, but when I think about our days being numbered, all of the things I want to do and see or even just pausing on a beautiful Fall day to not let it go by in a blur, it reminds me again what’s really important, who really matters and why we’re all really here…to come alive, to live this crazy, bumpy, delicious life with all we’ve got.  When I stop comparing my life to what the world says it “should” be and listen instead to the desires of my heart, well, that changes everything.  It all feels a lot lighter when I live from that space.  There are plenty of things that pull us in a different direction but it always feels more right to me when I pause to remind myself I wasn’t put here to be anyone else but me and to say thank you for the miracles in my life, big and small, then life gets a lot simpler.  Anyway, just something to think about.  OK, don’t think about the droopy boobs for too long, but you get the point…

So, Happy Friday and I wish each of you a wonderful weekend.

Oh, and you know what I’m getting for my birthday?? …..a website!!! :)  Very exciting and I can’t wait to have the vision come to life soon!

With so much love and a birthday smile,


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  1. Jennifer
    Posted November 24, 2010 at 2:32 pm | Permalink

    Thank you. Your heart is beautiful!

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