Happy Leap Year: An Excuse To Take A Leap In Life!

Happy Leap Year Everyone! I’m using today as a unique reminder that miracles happen and dreams come true only when we take the leap out into the unknown on faith and faith alone. Actually, that’s the very definition of faith! I learned this in a very real way when I was shoved off the cliff of the “known” and forced to build my wings on the way down, instinctively reaching for something beyond sight, just to have a shot at surviving. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend learning that way, but I can tell you, you learn fast when you have to and your hiney’s on the line!

So I learned to live a completely different way, first out of necessity but now, in the process of being “remade” through this, I exist in the world in a completely different way. I now take leap after wonderful, bold, scary leap—only now it’s as a clear and conscious choice vs being hurled over—knowing the magic that is hidden in plain sight for all us that patiently waits and calls to us quietly while our knees shake and our courage trembles as we teeter on the inevitable edges and abysses in life saying, “It’s OK, I’ll catch you. But you have to jump first.”

That my friends—our free will—is the only barrier between where we are and where we want to be. So I don’t know about you, but I’m not only jumping, I’m getting a good running head-start first so I can jump even further this time! BELIEVE.

And remember, “We are what we have the courage to become and we are stronger than we know” —me :).

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