Update on the scan!

OK, sorry for the delay. As you know I had my PET scan yesterday morning. We got some results late in the afternoon and everything looked pretty good but there was one area of question. The PET scan has two components to it; a CT part that shows the geography of the body (if there is a lesion, how big or small it is, where it is, etc) and the radioactive dye part that shows “activity”. Cancer is a hypermetabolic or “very active” disease so it takes up a lot of the dye. My results of the CT part showed significant decrease in size of all of the previous lesions which represents shrinking scar tissue from where the tumors were. But on the radioactive dye part there was some activity in one of them. This is where it gets kind of tricky. There was some activity in this same area on the last scan that but was still considered “remission”. There can be a normal amount of activity in some cases such as healing and also a normal amount of background activity from normal processes. The question was how much, if any, is normal?

After speaking with my physician, Dr. Bashey, at the Bone Marrow Group earlier today it looks like the activity represents the healing process from the scarring in that area vs any active disease. He does not feel this in anyway changes my status of remission and is only a sign of my body resorbing and remodeling the scar tissue of that particular lesion.

So, it looks like the scan was good. We will meet with Dr. Bashey next Tuesday to discuss it further along with the result of my labs and other tests. That is when most patients get any of their results and I have been very blessed since day one that I have not had to wait very long to get mine. That is thanks to Marisa and the graciousness of all of my doctors extending professional courtesy to me by being accessible to me whenever needed. This has and is an immeasurable gift as you can clearly see from what I described above that it is hard to wait for those type of results. The Bone Marrow Group is the leading center in the Southeast in what they do and my doctor called me on my cell phone this morning to discuss my results personally. You can’t ask for much better than that.

This scan means to me that my body is doing exactly what I have asked it and God to do, to heal me. This is just evidence of the process. Yes, admittedly, it is quite the roller coaster ride and I think this gives you some insight into what it is like for us. But the gift in waiting for the confirmation is that very quickly the scherade of life falls away once again reminding us of what is most important and most precious. That the struggles and worries that cloud the light of life are just distractions and just as the sun is alway shining, even on the cloudiest day, it is shining bright behind them, we just can’t see it. I find myself refocused on my fierceness, not only on repelling all doubt and fear, but to live freely, knowing that perfect health is the only option all the while leaning hard into faith and love.

I thank you for all of your prayers, emails, texts and calls. You could never know how much that means or what an impact you have. Your continued support is simply amazing and there are not written words that adequately convey the pure words of gratitude of my heart. My prayer has been, and will continue to be, that everyone who has bless me and us in any way would know and feel our profound gratitude and love and that I and this be used for the highest good.

May you all be blessed.

With love,


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