WOW! You guys are amazing!!

I hope this finds everyone enjoying a BEAUTIFUL weekend. I want to start by thanking Brice for setting up this wonderful website and for all of you jumping in and using it. I am absolutely blown away by the overwhelming response people have shown with prayers, flowers, gifts, cards, meals, emails, texts, vistits, etc. I just keep thinking…”it’s just me…no big deal.” Who knew I could make so much trouble?! :) Seriously, the outpouring of kindness has been more than humbling and Neil and I are both so grateful for all of your generosity and support. I just can’t tell you how much your emails, calls and texts have meant to me both at the hospital and the days following.

Many have told me they are afraid to call or visit as to not bother us or do not know what condition I am in post-surgery. Well…robotic surgery is the way to go. I have been up and moving around since the night of surgery (my friend and surgeon I work with, Marisa, was “walking me” that night and said we needed to stop because she was getting winded :)) and have not needed any pain medication since coming home. Anyways, I feel great! I am being good but it is so nice to be up and moving around and at home. I’m just not very good at sitting around. Chemo starts Wed and I will have three days of treatment every 28 days x 3 cycles and rescan. Gotta see a good response and then will probably repeat the 3 cycles followed by mega chemo with bone marrow rescue…don’t ask :). Going to pick out wigs Tues…I will be able to get ready so fast now!

I have been brought to my knees twice in my life. The first being the death of my younger sister 11 years ago and the second one being this. It’s a little hard to explain but I have felt lucky in both situations. It’s something you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy but in the same breath wouldn’t trade for the world as it breaks you in beautiful ways and forces a perspective that nothing else could. Everyone should feel this loved and feel the warmth of the beautiful people all around them. I have felt so safe from the start with Marisa’s amazing guidance and care and feel a sense of peace and lightness going forward. So many of you have lifted us up in prayer and postive thoughts and I know that is why I have this sense of calm and happiness. There has been much laughter in the house and I feel like I live in the most beautiful garden on earth with all of the flowers…truly lovely.

This is getting rather long so I will wrap it up…I don’t think written or spoken words can ever truly speak the words of the heart but hope that all of you will know how unbelievably grateful I am to each and everyone of you and that you will feel the love you have extended to me returned.

With gratitude and love,

PS. Neil just came home with a new MacBook for me to use during chemo for emails, movies, web, etc…too sweet. So keep in touch and I will keep you updated on the kicking butt progress. This thing picked the wrong person/body to pick on…it’s not going to know what hit it:).

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